Anyone who qualifies as per criteria that will be issued each year by the Ministry of Education for higher learning can be admitted for the programs of studies of his/her choice. If a student comes from abroad or the other country, and can meet the criteria of that country of his residence for admission to the higher learning he/she may be admitted. For students who wish to join health science programs he/she must have natural science certificate from academy or college.


Registration of students who are admitted by the college takes place before the commencement of every semester. Advertisement and announcement concerning the schedule for registration will be made by the registrar’s office.    The students who are admitted should observe the following registration rules:

1. A student must be present and register in person,
2. The registration of admitted students takes place at the beginning of each semester,
3. A student who applies for an advanced course is required to pass a prerequisite course,
4. Registration for a course is done in consultation with a department or an adviser,
5. Registration is considered completed when the registrar’s office stamp is placed on the official registration slip.2


There is usually a day or two registration provisions after the regular registration closes. Late registration for the previous students will be subjected to penalty when the grace time is over.


A student who has been dismissed on academic grounds shall not be readmitted more than once regardless of transfer from department to department and irrespective of academic year. However, at the end of graduation year, if a student is dismissed for the second time, he/her case will be seen on an individual bases by the academic commission.

  • 1. Students who fulfilled the requirements for readmission will be placed only when all new candidates who have fulfilled the entrance requirements have been placed.

  • 2. Every student who has been dismissed for academic reasons will be eligible to apply for readmission at least one semester after the time of dismissal.

  • 2. Readmission must be approved by the academic vice-dean and the registrar’s office. Students who have applied for readmission must report for registration after they have officially been admitted by the college.