General Admission Requirements

Admission criteria to enroll into medical school

Admission Requirements for Preparatory Origin Students

  • 1. Need to have natural science background of secondary school education

  • 2. Get the then minimum cutting point set by the Ministry of Education

  • 3. Be mentally and physically fit for client care provision

Admission Requirements for other candidates

To be eligible for admission into the advance standing Medicine program, a candidate should:

  • 1. Have graduated from an accredited college/school with degree in natural science fields.

  • 2. Have obtained a minimum of 2 or 60% cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) in previous degree program

  • 3. Have a minimum of two years of work experience

  • 4. Pass COC and the entrance examination of the college


  • Have bachelor degree in any natural science fields

  • For international students, avail HERQA approved equivalent.